Nautilus (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea )

Hi. This my latest project based on Jules Vernes books. There are two versions - black and white / color
Software used: Blender, cycles, PS
Hope you will like it :slight_smile:

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The monochrome/faux etching version is primo! Very appropriate for the subject I think. The color version is also impressive, well composed and lit, with very evocative materials and stylizations. My only mind-glitch is that the projections on the sides of the craft remind me of the oar ranks on ancient triremes. Oh well, that’s just me :wink:

ok, you know that if somebody can make such an accurate an good looking version of nemos ship, he has to make another version where the nautilus fights the octupus.

I like BW! A very good job!

This is wonderful! Both versions are great but the b/w version is outstanding.

This is awesome.

My favorite childhood book!
Beautiful Nautilus!

Thank you all for kind responses - glad that you like the image :slight_smile: