3d model of the ship from movie Captain Nemo and the Underwater City. Blender cycles/affinity photo/substance painter. Hope you will like it :). More images here


Nice! Only water looks little bit odd for me.

Jule Verne will be proud of it.

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Top quality work.

I like this model a lot. Quick question is the rust texture mirrored? It looks like there is a smiley face on the first picture near the center the makes me believe that the rust texture is mirrored. Even if it is, I still LOVE this.

Thank you all!
boblybill - yes the texture oj the Nautilus is mirrored :wink:

You’re #featured! :tada:

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Such a shame, they should restore that ship



Wow! This is amazing!

Thank you again and thank you for featuring :slight_smile:

Someone said the water looked odd, so I looked at it. What I noticed is the water is perfectly uniform in the waves. I think the waves should be of many different sizes.

Nice Image. The front view reminds me on chinese city walls (not that I know any :wink: ).

I like the water, but I’m irritated on the the tree at the left part of the image. It looks strange as the water and the tree do not match. It looks like two different images. I would expect I can’t see the underwater part or at least it does not look straight. Typically objects look distorted when looking from such an angle.

Beide of that … cool :+1:t3:

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Hi @yarpen i also like the old classics,
Do you remember the Kirk Douglas Movie " 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea " 1954 ,

Found this work in Yahoo, only for sharing :star_struck:

Cya :sunglasses:

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Hi! ya, i thought someone had to mention it! must have been incredible back in 1954 … !
Nice picture, nice tones. Plus the alternate with lights is also worth viewing!
Keep it up

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