This is latest work , inspired very much by the submarine nautilus from a novel of Jules Verne.I tried to make it a trasportation machine.
Rendered in blender textured in 3dcoat and gimp.
Hope you like it

whoa! it looks good. It seems to me a good work on color scheme, modeling and textures! :wink:

love it :slight_smile:

I love this style of building, especially in CG

5/5- although the man does look pretty creepy

Really nice lighting.

Great work, esp. the lighting and the colors.

Impressive! Not quite like the man in the background though, head out of proportion…

Nice work there… Can you tell me why 3d coat?

WOW. very very impressive. i don’t really have a problem with the guy.

Very impressive work. Excellent materials and textures and really nice lighting and postwork to boot.

Very nice! Final Fantasy-esque (though that might not have been what you were going for).

Agree, though, I do, that the man looks a little strange.

Thanks all for your feedback,
mohanohi i used 3dcoat to texture the ships and buildings.

indeed a very good job.

Sweet design and composition.

THe colors are awesome ;D

Very nice! It looks like something from Myst (coming from me that is a big compliment).

My one crit is that I wish things felt more “used.” At the moment everything looks a little too perfect, almost as if it was a museum diorama rather than an actual working space.

This is disgustingly good ! Awesome !!

Great work! Good models and even better textures! Gallery stuff!

5/5 for the fantastic: lighting, texturing, modeling and composition. Personally I luv the creepy guy in the axman’s(?) hood. He’s perfect!

Congrats on the banner!!!

(but yeah, why 3D Coat when the UVing in Blender is so…amazing?)

I saw this in the 3d coat gallery, I really love it!

And @ gnaws, 3d coat is even more amazing when it comes to texturing, you should try the demo. (also voxels)

Five stars for this excellent render!
It reminds me of the shows produced by a society I recently seen… Just hit “Royal Deluxe” in google or youtube; I don’t know if you know that already, but that’s quite in that spirit.
Once again congratulations.

I really love it!
The textures, colours & composition are awesome!