Navi = Augmented Communication Device for Children With Autism

everything you see that is text, will be replaced by a image with a word and a icon,

the whole thing will use colors that are intresting and high contrast,

**I don’t think I need help with coding, but I may need help with Icons at some point **

Tomorrow night I hope to be building strings from icons, and then the next night
having a voice read them, when you click play.

what a great idea. may i ask if you got a member of your family with autism. you don´t have to answer, if you feel uncomfortable about it. do you have any contact to psychologists specialised in autism?

Yup. A great idea BPR. I like you because you really like to help people in need! Will follow this project and i hope i see it finished :wink:

Take care.

How will this help children with autism?

Pecs Icons system,

clicking a icon will add the word the icon represents to a string,

press ‘talk’ will read the string,

basically it turns visual communication into audible words.

proloqo to go costs quite a bit to do the same thing.

My system in action

next is getting it to read it with Text To Speech, then I will need to get a database of icons downloaded from somewhere or
start making my own.

edit: currently stuck on trying to get pyTTSx to run inside py 3.5.1

Hey found a fork of pyttx that has been ported over to python 3.xx

Dont know if will help but that fork I was talking about has drivers for it… are they inside of it…I dont know but it might work… Ill look into it

Look likes the drivers are included and will be found if put into blender…

it grabs local stuff in init()
it’s different for each os*


do you mean change my install path to blender lib?
in pip somehow?