Navigate in 3D scene like a FPS


Do you know how to navigate in a 3D scene , like with a FPS game, but not with the FPS-Template ?
Is it possible without Python scripting ?
Just with game logic blocks ?
How to use the mouse to control the camera ?
Where is the Walktrough-template.blend ? (not again on the Blender site)

Some tutorials about this ? some examples ?

Thanks for all


I’m 97% sure it’s not possible without python scripting. But fear not, it’s a simple matter of copying the script using the guidelines normally provided, then linking the Python Controller to an Always Sensor, simple as, nothing complex. There are plenty of Search Results on the matter. And Here’s Social’s FPS Template that should give you all the information needed in nice, simple forms.

you can press shift F in the 3d viewport and fly around like a FPS

look at the tool bar for all the keys for flying, and zooming ect…

this is not in the game engine, but sometimes helpful to visualize things.

But how to use the mouse movement in the logic block ?
I understand how to use the mouse buttons event…but not how to use the mouse movement…some help please ?


Hey alainlioret,

The easiest way to use mouse look is with a python script. Here is a link for a basic mouse look tutorial that I wrote. Uses the mouse to look around. Keyboard keys to move forward, back, etc. Step by step instructions. Python script and a blend file are included.

Hope it helps

Wonderful tutorial !
Thanks a lot Cthames…

Do you know over great links to tutorials like that ?


Ooo i live :eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift2:.
Use FPS Temple.