Navigating in the viewport in a large scene.

When working on a large scene and moving the camera’s view (middle mouse button), the view will rotate in very large amounts (based off the size of the scene) as well as zooming and moving in large increments. Is there anyway to turn this down? bring it back to normal movement so I can work on smaller more detailed parts of a scene?


Could just scale everything up,select everything.Put your 3d cursor at the bottom of the scene in the middle and then scale from 3d cursor.

Will that reduce the viewport’s movement? your description sounds like it will just scale the model upwards.

This has nothing to do with scale but with performance.
You said large scene? Subsurfed objects? How many verts?

you could also change you mouse orbit style and work with the trackball instead of turntable!

might be easier to work with!

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Just a wide scene with lots of objects all spread apart, its for a game so vertice count is only around 27k, and there are no subsurfed objects.

Pretty much if you have lots of objects spread apart in blender and relatively large then this happens (as i’m guessing blender is trying to find the center of all the objects to rotate around).

Tried this, but it only added y axis movement however the big increments of zooming and turntable/turnball rotation speed was still there

Thanks for the replies

did u try to do it in ortho mode or only perspect mode ?
that can make a lot of difference !

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one workaround is to use Numpad[.] whenever you change the selection you want to work with.

@RickyBlender That smooth out the movement however I need to be able to tweak objects inside a box (walls, floor, roof) and orthographic doesn’t let you do this.

@secrop Hmm in perspective mode this might work, but not for rotating :frowning:

Thanks for the replies again, I think the best method is just to use the fly tool (shift + f) to the point where best suits the modelling/level design.

in ortho mode I can go anywhere I want !
so not certain what your doing
can u upload some file so we can test it
cause something is very wrong here !

what is your pivot point ?
did u change anything is the set up for pivot point ?
check these set up

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