navigating in the viewport

ok so, my middle mouse button is so broken that i cant really use it, so i rebound it to Alt+Left/Right cause thats what most 3D programs use, and i thought i could just aswell stick to that cause why not…

so everything works perfectly in object mode, alt left for rotate, and alt right for pan.

but in edit mode, panning does not work for some reason, but rotating does. can anyone explain this?

You could just enable ‘Emulate 3 button Mouse’ in User Preferences which makes MMB = Alt+LMB

that changes it to Alt shift to pan, a bit tedious hotkey imo. no chance of solving my issue?

Alt+RMB colliding with loop select in Edit mode?

ohh true i forgot about that. is there a way to make it work? so that Alt RMB in the viewport will pan and Alt RMB clicking on an edge will select the loop?