Navigation Interface for Tablet PC Users

Navigation Icons for Tablet Users
Having just purchased a UMPC, (Ultra Mobile PC), which can run the standard version of Blender, I wanted to start using Blender with a stylus-primary system. UMPC’s don’t have stylus buttons and no usable keyboard. Blender requires the middle mouse button to efficiently navigate, plus many keyboard shortcuts require multiple keys to be held down at the same time, which is not possible with a stylus driven system.

These UMPC’s are getting cheap, ($679 for mine, a Samsung). More and more people are going to be using them because of the portability, the ability to draw right on the screen, and their long battery run times. Blender users will be wanting these things, too.

Is it within the realm of possibility to write a Python script which places a set of navigation and other “multiple keystroke” buttons, (icons), in the 3D view or elsewhere, which would give tablet PC users the means to easily navigate the 3D view - like when using the middle mouse buttonor holding down multiple keys at one time? Without this, things like setting the influence of a bone envelope become impossible when using only a stylus.


Greg Smith