Navigation mesh, fix it or make custom.

Can’t seem to find any help on this, so figured i’d ask here while i keep testing and look around.

You can make a custom navigation mesh, or have blender make one.

But when i make changes to it, all of a sudden some areas become black - unable for the AI to use. (see screenshot)

I can’t see the logic in it, from custom making i know they dont have to be triangles (the representation colors, actually they change each time enter and exit edit mode)

Is there a guide on this somewhere? Or more to the point, what causes the black areas and how to avoid them?


Whenever you make changes,make sure you reset it (in the physics area).
Dont use bmesh inside it…it will quite ruin the navmesh.

Yeah, i tried to reset it too, but it didn’t work.
I just made a simple temporary mesh to make my nav mesh from, and that works well for my need.

Still curious as to how it works, should i need to make some changes later on and the same would happen. Just so i could avoid making a whole new nav mesh.