Navigation Mesh on multiple objects

Hello Everybody,
Thanks again for your precedent help.
I’ve a landscape with several objects which are obstacles : rocks, trees, etc.

I would like to build a navigation mesh, but i don’t know how to buid it without joining all objects.
I know i can use a boolean modifier (join) temporaly to obtain that, but i’ve a a big number of objects !!!

I’ve tried to use physics>obstacles and use world > obstacle simulations with ray or cell. But it doesn’t function… not ready actually ?

What is the solution please ?
I’ve heard about navigation nodes… but it’s chineese for me…

You will have to make holes for your obstacles in your landscape mesh then make the navmesh.

It’s very laborious… I was wondering that physics obstacles would do the same, no ? If not, why do we use obstacles ?

Edit: Using World > Obstacles is impossible in game… very slow !

I believe waypoints are better than navmeshes.Use a track to nearest property script and use add object actuator to add the objects with that property.triggered by a collision sensor.There are some in the search.

I think it should project and make spaces for obstacles. The obstacle simulations require the object that needs to avoid obstacles to also be an obstacle .

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Way points aren’t better, they’re just some times faster. As well as this true way points do not use nearest property look ups, but instead use a form of pathfinding.

In addition, they don’t add obstacle simulation, that’s a different think entirely

I guess i have wrong word for what i am thinking of.It would still be npc programming.But npcs can be made to avoid obstacles by using track to nearest property scripts.You just need add the object and end the object with the property on it when the enemy gets near.That is part of what I am thinking of.I have done it before.Would you like a demonstration of this?