Navigation Screwed UP!!!!! >:-O

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ARRRGG! For some reason, now in blender instead of the MMB rotating and ShiftMMB Panning the view now it just brings up a little circle with arrows and i can’t pan and i’ve changed no settings from yesterday! Does anybody have any idea wtf is going on!?

Here is far-fetched guess what might be the cause…
If it’s white ball with black arrows, it might be that you’ve just installed Logitech (or some other?) mouse drivers, or windows has done something funky by it self. And the driver has set the middle mouse to function as multi-way-scroll or whatever.

Check your mouse options in control panel and make sure middle-mouse-button action is simply middle-mouse-button.

Hope I guessed right and this helps you :slight_smile:

Right you are! …Well pretty much anyway. I have a “program” for a usb mouse which runns in the background which was doing it. If i had a prize i would give it to you but since i don’t , here’s a consolation;
Thanks :smiley: