navigatoin mesh

to simulate something i tried to use navigation mesh
And i got some variation in my results and so i wonder.

  • should a navigation mesh be a solid cube path or a plane plath ?.
  • Sometimes i end-up with a mesh that’s black, what are the main causes for that ?.
  • I’m not sure, what is recommended for navigation mesh; should it be a array like square surface, or should it be a array of a subdivided surfaces ?
  • I notice sometimes object do follow the mesh but they don’t turn in the direction of the path, what could cause that ?.

make your physics objects, take a plane, and extrude sides to make a path that is as low poly as possible, avoid mixing quads and triangles,

Hi BleuPrintRandom !

I better show you what i have,
Its a test file (i’m still working on that cube movement idea)
I found something to do a spiral or circulair bends.
But its not yet working nice, see the blend file.spiralcube.blend (1.45 MB)
And i dont understand why the right one doesnt seam to convert to a navigation mesh

I’m still troubled and wonder whats the best setup for navigation meshes.
i notice often objects move very shaky over it, while on other tutorials objects smoothly follow a route.
The blend file in previous post shows this, and other attempts of me so far dont solve it.
While in youtubes that i followed to create that blend file, things move smooth, and if download their files i dont see the difference.
I am missing out on something, but what could it be ?.