navmesh not working

Navmesh is not working on this alien evolution blend.


AlienEvolution (2).zip (3.08 MB)

Here is a dumb down version.
Blue alien is supposed to go to cube.004.


AlienEvolution (3).zip (2.98 MB)

I am bump this!

I took a peek earlier today, the nav mesh was all white, and was flat.

Try clicking the terrain THEN building the nav mesh.

I already did and it worked.

I did following:

  • removed the navmesh as it does not even work when the target stands next to the blue alien.
  • moved the template “Plane.003” below the “ground” and added a ShrinkWrap Modifier with target: ground.
  • created a navigation mesh based on “Plane.003”
  • setup the Navigation mesh at the steering actuator of blue alien
  • enabled “Vizualize” at the actuator to see the current path
  • made sure the target “Cube.004” is touching the navigation mesh