Navmesh problem again

Does navmeshes stop working at a certain size.I am asking because my enemies stop pathfollowing toward me when i use the property sensor and property actuator to switch states.I though i had solved the problem but it is not solved.

I am having trouble understanding you, I feel for sympathy for you as I often feel misunderstood,

try just a single “ai” and a single dummy cube with your “player” property,

if it does not work, try with a simple nav mesh,

can you snapshot a frame-rate etc ctrl+ print-screen on your game?

I will try.How do you show frame rate in the console i can do it from there?It seems to work better with a smaller navmesh without holes.I will have to test it some more though.

No, this is a mesh problem. I don’t know the exact cause, but just make sure EVERY face is four-sided.

Open up the console, and it will tell you.

Select all faces convert to quads, then look up @ top, if it says triangle > 0 then go back and find the errant faces,

Okay i will try tommorrow and see what happens.It is 1.10 at night March 5,2013.

Good night, dream of happy polygons!!

How does it show if the faces are four sides because when i open up the console it does not show that.Are there two consoles.I tried that Blueprintrandom it still has the same problem as before.It says 5572/5572 faces.

If you make a mesh, and instead of creating a navmesh out of it you can just press reset values in the physics tab. If there is a problem, and you play the game and the AI doesn’t work, the console should say something about not being able “to find the vertex in polygon” or something like that.