Navmesh troubles ( Muti-Floor)

So iv’e tried to make a navmesh multiple times, and blender ‘says’ that its making one, but there are no Navmesh’s present
HouseMainProjectSuperAlpha1.blend (8.1 MB) ,this is a game for High School ( Horror game - Still lots of work to do!) ive made sure that the navmesh is view-able, and i have went thru Material, Textured, Default, etc modes as well, and I still dont see it, and if it does work, the "Clown’ " wont follow the navmesh, and how would I get it to work on multiple floors, along with probably some additonal stuff that may be added ( Like random teleportation, and disappear for certain times, and re-appearing at certain times aswell,etc)

Also the system I use has a Core I7-4770 CPU, 16 GB of ram, and A dedicated gpu ( so I really dont think this is the problem, but just in case)

Also the version of blender that my school has Is 2.77a ( They wont update it :confused:)

Thanks in Advanced - Monark

P.s - Ask questions that you have ( that i might have not though of) and ill try to answer them!

I really need help with this its very Important, is there anyway to do it?

sorry i don’t have much time today, but i looked very fast into your blend.

you have 2 navmeshes (look in the outliner tree (right side)
if you select one, then hit period (.) the camera will zoom in and focus on the selected object. you will see that you made the navmesh the wrong way, because both navmeshes only consist out of 1 vertex, and that will not work.

i suggest to grab some tutorials on how to create one:

multiple floor, never tried so someone else needs to answer this one, but yes it is possible, that is something i am sure of.
teleporting is also possible, but you need a little bit of python for it. or use ready to go samples in the resource section of the forum or an old but working example in my sig.

indeed your system has noting to do wit the navmeshes.