Hello, I’m trying to make a PacMan style game however when I duplicate the base of my gameboard (with the walls) and try to use as a navmesh this is what happens:

this is the base

and this is the ridiculous navmesh that I get generated from that base. How can I get it done?

I’ve seen a few tutorials but all the tutorials tha I’ve seen when they press ‘build navigation mesh’ they get a good one and not like mine. Sometimes if I play with the values of the properties menu all I get is a ‘point empty’ nav mesh. :frowning:

Try subdividing it more before making the navmesh.And also try making the holes in the plane a little smaller.

Just subvided a lot and the result remains the same. This is driving me nuts because I can’t go further in my game. Every tutorial I see works well, it must be a problem from my blender or so! I really appreciate if someone can help me!

What I do to deal with navmeshes is going for the magic - aka I do something but I don’t understand why it works.
Instead of creating the mesh from your geometry, add a quad, extrude and cut until you have roughly the same shape, then create the navmesh from that. Don’t ask me why it doesn’t work with the original mesh, I have no idea. It’s magic…

You can manually create the navmesh. This is what I normally do.

When auto-generating a navmesh you can specify things like the width of the character, so you may need to make that a little smaller or make your map bigger.

How do I create manually?

EDIT: Also to avoid creating another thread, I’m trying to use replace mesh in my pacman game but when I do so nothing happens. I’ve followed a tutorial step by step but it seems that there’s something in my game that doesn’t allow me to replace the mesh itself when I press down, up or whatever.

Try following another tutorial.

It’s solved. Was due to small mesh. Didn’t know I had to have a big mesh to get that done. Thank you!