(wiensta) #1

hehe, bet that caught your attention!

heres a WIP short film im workin on, some aspects of it were done in blender, but by nature it is meant to look 2d.

it doesnt have a beginning or end yet, im workin on it. The file is <1MB and is a zipped video compressed with DivX 4.

get it here: http://membersites.namezero.com/aidan.cartoonsaloon.ie//david/nazi.zip

All comments welcome.

(Goofster) #2

WOW! that looks really cool. looks very 2D indeed.


(dotblend) #3

it’s very 2d indeed, but if i may ask… why this topic?

(wiensta) #4

hmm…dunno, just felt like doing it.

probably because i was really bored!

(ScottishPig) #5


Really like it.

(sten) #6

nice 8)

(S68) #7

Nice movie, very well done.

I refuse to answer the poll, there is no aswer wich suits me :smiley:


(SKPjason) #8

That was f’ing neat.

Atari Nazis… who knew that could be soooo coool…

Good job.