Ndemic's Daily Sculpts. C&C Please!!

Hi everyone!

I’m Nick and I have long been fascinated by digital sculpture and inspired by a lot of the stunning work being produced on these forums. It’s been a dream of mine to learn to sculpt but I have been putting it off for many years, I guess due to the worry that my initial work won’t be very “good”.

I have recently managed to shake this ridiculous notion (everyone has to start somewhere!) and have set myself the goal of sculpting everyday. Heads, faces, body parts, characters etc, it doesn’t matter as long as I am working. If I practice everyday I will improve, gradually I’m sure, but it will happen!

The reason for this thread then, is as a sincere plea to you all for your critiques and criticism. It is only through receiving feedback that I will be able to really improve and grow. So please, if you feel like you can offer me some advice, it will be gratefully received!

Many thanks!!

01/01 - Day One

So here is my sculpt from day one. I didn’t use any reference, I was just trying to get used to working in Blender, learning the shortcuts etc. I added in a nose towards the end, and ended up with some artifacts in the mesh. I thought I used the Snake Hook brush, but I guess that maybe I used the Grab brush and that caused the issue?

02/01 - Day Two

A nose. What’s the best practice for sculpting in Blender? Using Dyntopo or the Multires Mesh Modifier? I think I used both on this sculpt. Is this a mistake?

03/01 - Day Three

Today I produced a horrible ear, which to be honest looks a lot better in the render than it did in Blender! I’m not sure if I was trying to sculpt in too high of a resolution, or whether my use of the Grab and Rotate brushes deformed the mesh too much, but I kept having to deal with loads of creases and artifacts. I also really struggled with cutting away the clay from behind the ear.

04/01 - Day Four

So today I had some more time and decided to jump right in and try modelling a full head, based off of some concept art I found on pinterest.

However, during the early part of sculpting I found that I was getting artifacts in places, where the geometry appeared to stretch and deform. I spent a lot of time fixing the topology by deleting higher layers of subdivision (on the Multires Modifier), smoothing out etc etc.

Can anybody help me as to the cause of these artifacts. since it is making it very difficult to sculpt in some areas. What am I doing wrong?

05/01 - Day Five

Continued with character sculpt for about 45 mins today, however the artifact trouble I was having before really began to cause problems, which is a shame, since I was happy with my progress otherwise. Tomorrow I will watch some tutorials and see if I can work out what I did wrong, before starting the sculpt afresh.

If I run into the same problem again, I’ll be sure to post detailed pics here so that maybe one of you guys can help.

06/01 - Day 6

Began character sculpt afresh.

07/01 - Day Seven


So I have been running into similar problems as before. Whilst sculpting at a higher subdivision level I’m getting ‘creases’ and ‘tears’ in the mesh. I’ve spent a lot of time going back down to lower levels and sorting out the edgeflow by dragging vertices, but this seems very inefficient. Even once it is sorted, it reoccurs when I subdivide further. Any suggestions?

I’m also having trouble with some areas having a high density of polys and others not (the forehead below for example), making sculpting in some areas tough. Is this simply a case of subdividing further? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



Nick, thats coming along just nicely. Keep going. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement Samus!

I spent my sculpting time the last couple of days watching videos on workflow and trying out some ideas. Updates to follow!