Ndivia 3D vision

Does anyone know if Blender is capable of using this:

I mean during standard modelling in the 3D view port.

The last I read, this requires a different vid system called quad buffer open GL. The best place to ask is the mtbs.com forum, its dedicated to 3D.

Every OpenGL and DirectX application is able to use 3DVision.
It has to support it though.

Blender doesn´t (yet)

But it is a feature bound to specific hardware and I say it shouldn´t support it.
It would be against the “spirit”
If a branch does, fine, but not the official builds.
Or at least if 3D Vision was one option, then blender should also support to deliver 2 camera views on seperate graphiccards, or 2 outputs on one card for other stereo systems out there.

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But it is a feature bound to specific hardware and I say it shouldn´t support it.
It would be against the “spirit”
If a branch does, fine, but not the official builds.
That absolutely makes no sense to me at all.
How many times have I selected a vert thinking it was the one nearest me, and it was the one further back?
This is not about defeating the spirit of Blender and it’s community, it’s about progress and offering what is genuinely a useful feature.
Anyway, you answered my question and it’s fair enough that at the moment, Blender is using it’s own engine for the editor window.
But moving it over to OpenGL would be valuable for all sorts of things, not just nvidia vision.

Actually it’s quite the opposite. 3D Vision doesn’t support OpenGL on a regular hardware. It only works with cards that support quad buffering -> nVidia Quadro series. So for GeForce series, it’s DirectX only.

Software however, doesn’t have to “support” 3D Vision. It just has to render every single element at proper depth value. So no 2D-stuff etc.

I have no idea how well Blender works with it tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, blender uses openGL for the viewport.
However, the software has to support it, see quadbuffering and stereo output.
You need the software to render the viewport from 2 cameras.
Each camera needs a doublebuffer. -> quadbuffer.

I doubt the usefulness for Blender though, it is nice for sculptors, then the use decreses for animation and sub-d and on top of that, personally I can´t work longer than 1-2h with the shutter glasses on, then the eyes get really tired and a slight headache is not uncommon.

It only working with quadro cards is also leading it ad absurdum, as blender doesn´t really benefit from quadros and most blender users have no quadro card. It would only be a huuuuge efford to implement it - manpower better spend on other features that are WIP or missing.

And at last, like MiikaH pointed out, you need a quadro card.
Regular GeForce cards only support triple buffering.
Thats why I don´t like the feature, not only it binds users to use a specific manufacturer it also binds you to a specific card which has ridiculous costs for its benefit.

I´d rather see blender support stereo output on 2xDVI or HDMI for 2 screen seethrough 3D screen or for HMDs,or to support polarized screens, where you are only bound to have the goggles and a 3D screen.

That said, at work i use 3D vision, because there is no other way… no alternative… no competition, you got to pay whatever nvidia thinks justified.

Yeh, my bad, I assumed one has the correct hardware in the first place =)

And actually its not a matter of the hardware, it comes down to software again, its the GeForce driver not supporting quadbuffering, the card could do it - i am certain.
A GeForce with the same GPU as its Quadro is able to run 99% of the quadros features.
The quadro features are driverfeatures and the card ID in the cards BIOS simply prevents you from installing a quadro driver. Thats about it.
There are nvstrap drivers you can use to hook a fake ID between card and driver and you can install quadro drivers using a gefroce.
You´ll miss the + VRAM a quadro offers and the output ports a quadro offers, but other than that the cards are identical.

OOPS, my bad!
try here:

Thanks, thats quite an intresting forum =)

Ah sorry! I understand now! I had to re-read all the comments a few times, but I see where you’re coming from.

Thanks for all the info guys.

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