NDo2 and .fbx (crash)

Hello !

Ndo2 crashes if I load a fbx (“load custom mesh …”) in the preview. Any ideas or experiences?

dDo was doing the same thing for me. Is it an fbx exported from Blender? Blender’s fbx exporter exports to a long deprecated fbx standard. I found that by running an fbx I exported from Blender through the free FBX converter tool from Autodesk to bring it to FBX2013 standards it would then open in nDo2 without any issues.

I downloaded the converter. I still have problem but fewer crashes. But my mesh is “transparent” … :o(

ye I tried ndo 2 and fbx export dint work ,I had to take it to maya and model was fine ,today I cant do that that mesh glish all the time