NDOF Plugin - please help it work with serial port

3Dconnexion no longer supports serial port connection. Several of their older models were serial connection. When someone who owns one of their serial devices asks why they don’t supply plugins for new apps they tell them they have to buy a new USB device.

The Blender NDOF Plugin only looks for a USB connection to the device. I need a way to make it look to the serial port for my 3003c serial Spaceball. I’ve managed to get it working with Maya, Google Earth and other apps by installing only the plugins from the 5000 USB spaceball driver. The plugins all work seamlessly with the serial Spaceball driver. This is something I learned on another forum after a lot of searching.

So the Blender Plugin works differently than the Maya and Google Earth plugins. I suspect the 3Dconnexion employees who collaborated with Blender coders to create the plugin may have intentionally done this differently to get people to buy their new hardware.

The 3003c Spaceball was the best ergonomic design they ever had and I’ve been using it for 10 years. All subsequent designs are ergonomically inferior. They say USB devices work better and faster, but my Spaceball serial 3003c works great. (I have the speed settings around 80%, where most people use it at 50%)

Once again, the suits have ruined a good thing.

So , if anyone knows how I might get this to work, please help. I don’t want to switch to one of their later, more cumbersome devices.

Other programs like Rhino have spaceball support built in and see the device no problem.