@ndy's hair is strange

Am I the only one who thinks that @ndy has a different hair style every day? All the pictures I’ve ever seen of him (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot) he has some or another weird hair-do. How long does he spend on his hair every day? (Mods feel free to lock this if its unnecessary.) I know this is a dumb topic.

Peace out, blend’n 4 Jesus.

… we don’t talk about his hair in this forum. It is forbidden.

We don’t even think about such things . …

Well you must be blind not to think about it. It jumps out and bites my eyes. I hope @ndy himself responds!:wink: I know I’m weird, and it you guys’ responsibility to put up with me.:stuck_out_tongue: Kidding!!!

Whats wrong with trying out different hairstyles? I do all the time…

While we’re at it, Id love to see what your hair looks like.

My hair looks like, well if I had a working camera I’d show you.:rolleyes: It looks shoulder-length, but ALWAYS tied back on the back of my head. Plain and simple, it takes less than a minute to do every day.;):stuck_out_tongue:
@ndy’s hair is strange. In a video I saw, his hair didn’t even move an inch when he jerked his head away. Even though it was all standing on top of his head! I bet that took a few hours to accomplish that! My brain functions by remembering what people look like by the interesting or strange features and in @ndy’s case, its his hair.

You should see my ass hair! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe we’ll should pass on this one.

I have the same hair style everyday, plain, and laid down, nothing unusual.

yeah, me too.
btw, my pet peeve is people who use inappropriate language on forum that are very well known that there are children on. (Sorry BgDM, this ones aimed at you.:o) Especially when they are mods and admins, who believe it or not, set the model for behavior on the forum.:no:

(Note to self: never let BgDM anywhere near a computer during age regression)


I’ve heard BgDM talk way too many time about his ass hair for my brain healt.

Go back to your room, you ol’ fart!

oh and Blend’n 4 jesus, I really really didn’t know saying ‘ass’ was THAT inappropriate…the youngest around here is probably between 10 and 13years old…and probably know what an ‘ass’ is…

Still, he uses words way worse and I dont even like that word. There are much nicer words and talking about what he did was inappropriate. I started this thread to talk about @ndy’s hair, not BgDM and profanity.

It’s likely innapropriate when it’s used out of context from it’s origional meaning which is common name for a donkey, I’ve seen the word used in its proper meaning in an old Christian praise song.

It’s like the word you call a female dog is innapropriate when used away from the meaning it’s supposed to have when you see it in pretty much every book about dogs.

People just can’t seem to say butt or booty anymore, I wonder if they learned that from MTV?

Still, he uses words way worse and I dont even like that word

Swearing is so common among today’s society it’s impossible to avoid, I have yet to see a major online forum where they’re not said. The only way to not see them is to go to Christian or kids sites.

Thanks for backing up my point, CD. Admins should be held to a higher standard. Sad to see what state the world is in now. Back to @ndy’s hair please, or I may rant about his glasses.:evilgrin:

Well at least this waste of a thread has proven that blend’n 4 jesus has worse social skills than most of the members we have around here…

Great job newbie.

If you really want sad state of society then try reading the comments of certain videos on YouTube. You’ll think this forum is not so bad by then. Believe it or not this forum is quite clean compared to various corners elsewhere on the internet.

I thought we were going to talk about @ndy’s hair or I rant about his glasses.:evilgrin: Dont you ever wonder about his style? I personally have used the phrase, “He gets up at 4 every morning to be done with his hair by 7”. I hope he responds!:smiley:
btw, I dont care what you think about me now. I just stated a fact. It is my pet peeve.

I was talking more about the preaching/ripping on people’s style.

Just because you don’t love the spiked hair etc doesn’t mean you need to start a thread with a stupid rant about it. I’m sure your pulled back hair(no matter how fast you can do it) wouldn’t look so great to me. And while a style like @ndy’s might take you a couple hours, I doubt it takes him more than five minutes. Even back when I had a crazier hairstyle, it took me max 10 minutes to finish it all up. And it looked good.

I also fail to see how ranting about someones glasses would be funny/entertaining in the least.

But anyway, yes, I can tell you don’t care what I(or anybody else) may think about you, and that’s exactly what I meant. I do enjoy when people prove my own points for me

I’ll bet my hair is on the same level till my mom made me cut it at least. it was somewhere between a fro and hmmm… I guess bed hair. :stuck_out_tongue: maybe that’s why she wanted me to cut it… but it was pretty freakin cool whatever the case, and it had all my girl friends rubbing their hands in it. :wink: