@ndy's light effect

I’m trying to do that special lighting where the region the cone of a spot light shines on is visible while the rest of the world is white.

It was in @ndy’s short animation (the Blender festival animation) where the little bat robot landed. During that time, the robot and a circular region of the floor is visible while the rest of the world is white.

I tried to do it but I only get this:

I thought it was a stencil mapping applied to the light to achieve the effect but I was wrong.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about- but I have no idea how to accomplish this.

Mess with the halo settings under the the material options for your spot lamp.

I haven’t seen the animation you’re talking about, but there may be a way to do it using nodes. Animate the scene as normal, then do another pass with all materials white, but no lights at all except the spotlight. Then use the second pass (maybe put it through a colour ramp) to drive the factor channel in a mix node. The mix node will mix the first pass and the colour white.

Well… I have not seen it, but I also think you could do it in nodes…

If I understand correctly… you are wanting to have everything in the scene white except where the spotlight is shining… meaning that how you have the cube in your example… would the sides of the cube still be black.?. because it is in the spotlight area… but the black of the plane… since it is not in the spotlight be white.?..

I may try to do this… and see what I can come up with…


I have not tried it yet, but… you might could have the spotlight shine black with shadows in one scene on shadeless white objects… to get the negative matte of the scene…

Then have another scene with a normal light set up how you have in the example… then over lay the white from the previous scene…

I think that would do it… although that would be having two version of the same scene…

turn on ‘Halo’ in spotlight options (not sure that’s what you want)

For those who mentioned the halo effect, I don’t think it’s the halo effect, unless I’m not getting exactly what you mean.

I’m not trying to see the light rays, I’m trying to make the world visible where ever the spot light pointed.

It’s like everywhere is misty in white and you can’t see it, the only place that’s visible is when you shoot a torch on the ground or something.

As for the others, I’m not sure what you mean by “passes” and using the node. I know what the node editor is, but haven’t actually learned any funky tricks with it yet, since the Blender manual has not been written.

Power 3D, you’ll have to show me a render version of what you’re saying otherwise I’m just clueless, until I get home.

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Has anyone played games like Doom 3 or any online RPG that has night and day. During the night, your character is illuminated with a spherical region of light so the user can see it, while the rest of the world is dark.

Priston Tales for example have this.

Mine’s kinda the opposite because I want the world to be fully white like the hyperbolic time chamber in Dragon Ball Z, and only where the character stands, is where the ground shows it’s colour, texture etc.

Anyhow I’ll give this all a try when I get home guys, I’m really appreciating this.


I know the effect you are going for. I’ll upload a blend later.


I actually think I know how to do what you are wanting, but I have to find the tutorial… there was an old tutorial on how to make a sheild glow… by having the light I think on a different layer, and stuff… but will have to find it again…


there are too many ways to go for that effect, i don’t know exactly how andy did it, but i would try with a simple blend texture type sphere in the alpha channel of the floor?

if you want a more detailed effect you could use an image texture instead of the blend texture.

Very much appreciated you guys are going to upload the blend file.

By the way, just a quick question:

How do you guys upload .blend files?

I know photobucket allows uploading of images and video, but how do you guys upload files?

What I suspect he might have done was to:

On one layer:

  • set the plane to have
    alpha 0.0
    ztransp on
    hard 1
    spec ~1.8

  • put the spot lamp over the plane
    energy ~1.2?
    blur +++
    current layer only

On another layer, put the object + a lamp/lamps to light it.


You may mean this:
If this is what your looking for its simple, just use your current setup but check the “onlyshad” button in the planes shaders tab. This makes the object only show a shadow.

No monofoso, that’s not what I’m really after.

You have a little bit of the effect but what I’m talking about is like this:



This is just a fake version of it though, I think there should be a more cleaner or more effecient way of doing it.

Try this:


Thanks Algorith.

Do you know any that’s unlimited upload limit like Photobucket?

if i remember correctly, i used a plane with ztransp and a spherical blend texture to control the alpha… i’m still using this method quite a lot for simple model shots. it’s always ugly if you can see the edges of your ground plane :slight_smile:


Yes! yes! yes!


That’s the effect I’m talking about!


Haha, thanks @ndy!

yaaay what did I win? :smiley: