@ndy's Lox lands on a magazine but... (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

… without the agreement of Andy, i guess :confused:
Well, i wanted to show that cause,
First: i know the guy :slight_smile:
Second :often people screams on Chineses or Russians or again Afghans for stolen works, but here it’s a belgian provider (Maximobile©) in one of the most “hype” - and stupid too :slight_smile: - people magazine:Max© Belgian Edition.

sorry for the quality, it was shot with my phone

anyway, Lox seems to be very well surrounded :slight_smile:


PS: you’ll note they change the name and don’t understand the character: Diable3D = Devil3D in french
PS: it’s an old release of this magazine, April 2005

nice tits…err… what a shame! :smiley:

I remember @ndy mentioning that before where some mobile company had ripped off that design. I don’t remember if he sent “cease and desist” letters though.

Yeah another mobile company (maybe the same with a different name) used that image before. I sent a message to that company but got no reply then… If this IS the same company they will probably do the same thing, but it’s worth sending a mail over…

[edit] After some more research:

Can’t find lox on that page though


@ndy’s Moon Man also landed in the recent issue of 3D World Magazine.
Way to go @ndy :smiley:

If they did use the image without permission, I would suggest to @ndy that he does take legal action.

Seeing as though those companies makes millions, for example jamster (esp from that crazy frog) one would asume you’d get a nice suitcase full of money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These companies are also a bit on the SHADY side…

We recently had a TV-reportage documentary about these
companies (not the one shown in your image) but other similar
companies with the same “ad-layout”…

…they’re shady because they care about MONEY and not the customers
or the artists. They often just use whatever is laying around and is
assumed to be open - and charge about 1-3 dollars for downloading
each of these to your cellphone.

Even more shady because when teenagers often get errors instead of
getting their ordered image - they also get ripped off for the call
and the price of the image. The TV-reportage showed us that these
companies usually are very prone to errors and that they ended up
paying twice as much because of all the errors. The companies all
denied that there was any problem at all - but the TV-reportage
showed us that there where plenty of errors…and also showed us their
bills afterwards.

I categorize such companies alongside “Casinos, poker, gambling”
aka - money for nothing companies.

How would you feel if someone ripped off your work and started selling it like that?
I would feel really angry… but sorta good at the same time.

Even without chicks around there? :]

He can still sue. Just because the business is shady does not mean they cant be shut down or sued. Business is global, no matter what country you are in. Every country has some laws to protect people. Unless they are in North Korea or Iran, I would do something.

Look at The Annoying thing. He was a small 3d short that took off. I saw him on Cartoon network too. (or Nick i forget) You think the creator is not getting paid. If he was smart he would get a lawyer. I would not wait untill I saw my art on National television.

If you’re going to post smut, flag it as such in your subject.

Because this does have to do with members here I won’t outright delete this thread, but remember, we’re not a porn site. Please at least heavily blur the pornographic images before posting it.

well Dittohead, it’s done.
Also, i’ve just discovered another ripped work - red circle - on the same page. This is a painting from a famous demoscener crew.

bad :confused:

ps: it’s not a porn magazine