@ndy's moonman gets image of the month in 3D world !

Congratulations to @ndy on getting image of the month in 3D world magazine, it was only matter of time before one appeared !. It really is nice to see a Blender image in there that shows just what blender is capable of in the rightr hands.

Does this mean it’s on the front page?

That is great news! :smiley: Congratulations @ndy!


Could you post a link please? I’d love to see the image in question.

eek how can they put this crap in their magazine? :expressionless:

that image really was phenomenal!!! well deserved @ndy!!

i hope in the future you and ton will get back together and create an animation using nothing but you fantasy characters and ideas, that would be an animaiton i would love to see!!!

keep up the great fantasy characters, you big superstar!!

Click the link in @ndy’s signature. You’ll find it in there. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! It’s such a great image it really deserves this.

Here it is: http://www.artificial3d.com/images/moonman.jpg

Hope @ndy doesn’t mind I’m linking to his site directly.

Congratulations, @ndy!

Well deserved too, enjoy it! And then go back and finish that movie :wink:

– Andrea

Yes. I know. Such utter s*** it was.

(psssstt…congrats! it’s a great piece)

Congrats man. Well deserved.


Never has one website been so inspiring and depressing at the same time.

</throws computer in garbage>

A gazillion congrats, @ndy! Soon you’ll take over the 3D world!


Hey! Don’t spoil it! I havn’t got that magazine yet :x

Congratz @ndy

Pretend you didn’t read this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect so, great piece!

Pretend you didn’t read this thread :P[/quote]

Yeah, and then you can double post!

@ndy threatened to choke their mokny *** if they didnt.


congratz @ndy, more to come.