Near brick


I went back to open an old file. I was never able to open these storage doors using a near sensor. I also have the robot which has a cube on it. I had to resize the compartment for it as it would just vanish.

It does move towards the Player but only a little bit. Notsure what that is all about.


Are you trying to have the door open when the cube successfully reaches the player within a certain distance?

near sensor only checks the first frame. you need to activate true pulse so it activates at every frame when you are near.

A sensor always evaluates at each single frame.

The sensor settings determine how to deal with the results of that evaluation.

I guess the problem is that there is no object that can be sensed (e.g. a near sensor will not sense a static object). Without more information it is hard to guess. I suggest to enable Menu/Game/Show Physics Vizualisation. It will show you the range of the near sensor. Additionally when you setup a Reset Distance parameter different to the Distance Parameter you can even see when the sensor detects something.