Near-future apartment

This is a portfolio project and general study that started with NVIDIA’s Metropia 2042.
While the competition itself has long passed, I’m continuing to work on it to completion as a portfolio item.

The end result will be a video showcase of the apartment through various times of day, with some minimal changes to props to display the functionality of any dynamic furniture. Almost all assets are made entirely by me, and mostly just now because this is my first architectural project.

The apartment is a mid-high end 2-bed studio apartment (660 square feet).

Please give comments, suggestions, and critiques!

Latest render:

First render:

It does look interesting with the big windows and stuff. But I think the layout of the furniture is a bit bloated. It looks a bit whoardy almost. I would suggest trying to make a more minimalist interior. I think my biggest problem is the white 2-story book shelf in the center of the room.

New note / update: Although the competition has ended, I will continue working on this for a portfolio item.
Thanks for the feedback! In a more recent iteration, I added doors to the bookshelf to decrease the visual noise.
The bookshelf in that area serves as a soft barrier between the bedroom/office space on the left, and the living space on the right in the larger apartment.
Do you have a suggestion on how to provide some sort of space separation without involving this furniture clutter?

Update with the latest render. Began adding detail elements, moved Voice Assistant, saturated plant light, added panels to center shelving

My personal preference still say that there is too much furniture. Maybe it’s the thing in the forground making the room look packed. However, the cabinet doors did work as it looks cleaner than before. Well done :slight_smile:

Here’s a more representative view of the apartment layout, viewed from the top.
I’ve labeled the spaces for clearer reading.
The beds are murphy beds, meaning that the bedspace can be transformed into office space during the day.

Update: I’ve been working on adding the exposed ventilation system on the ceiling, along with the design of the entryway.

Tweaks on the entryway and kitchen.

New view!
I made some collapsing chairs and a fun light display in that inset section of kitchen counter.
I also swapped the stove and sink positions, and tweaked the room lighting a bit.

I’ve begun work on the bathroom interior for a change of pace.
Pretty satisfied with the look so far!

The bathroom’s sink area is almost finished. Now it’s just adding a couple small details.

Small update on the bathroom.
Lighting and material tweaks, adding a soap dispenser and a hand towel.