Near Future Weapon

I created this for last week’s sci-fi weapon competition, though I lost badly. It’s really meant to be three weapons in one, by interchanging parts. It’s also a game ready asset, and anyone is welcome to use it if they credit me. There was a lot more I wanted to do with it, but because of time, it just didn’t happen. I would love some C&C on this.

The file includes the high poly.


Any critiques? This isn’t the last weapon I’ll make so I could use some info on improvement. Thanks.

Why didn’t you make an alphamap for the holes? If you don’t want to spend extra polygons then alphamap is the way to go.

I like the general design of the guns, but my biggest crit is that the texture doesn’t read too well. You used a 1024x1024 texture map and the guns look as if they have only base colors set on them(the normalmap works nicely, but your color map needs more work). And I just noticed that there’s a spec map too… There was something really worth reading I bumped into a couple of days ago, so I’ll try to find it again for you so that you can really take this thing to a next level.

Edit: Found it

Thanks were.

I actually do have an alpha map, but I disabled it because if I enable ztransp, then all of my geometry clips through itself for no good reason (setting it two-sided doesn’t work, and all the normals face correctly). I agree with you on needing more work on the diff map (all the maps for that matter). This is sort of my first foray into normal/spec/diff mapping, so I’m still learning. Additionally, there was a time crunch for this, so I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time as I’d have liked.

Maybe make some scratches on the texture.

I like them :smiley: They are game ready, no?

Guys, this topic was dead almost a month ago…

This is great work but you asked for a comments also :wink:

My one main comment is you might need a handle in the front unless its some kind of innovation in terms of recoil, or its only semi-automatic, guns like that need to be weight balanced etc, they pull like crazy anyway imo, clearly it seems like you know what your doing so forgive me if I am mistaken about the design and you have thought about balance in full auto mode.

Also I worry about it getting dirty in the field, but I always think of that heh, I am sure its fine.

heh and one more thing the large ammo box mod is nice but its going to interfere with using the gun for urban close quarters work imo.

Again, I am no expert clearly, just some thoughts that popped into my head, it been more then 20 years since I was in the military and I am sure everything has changed :slight_smile:

This isn’t the last weapon I’ll make so I could use some info on improvement. Thanks.

It’s really well designed. Thanks for showing me how to make my own non-existent gun :smiley:

Thanks guys.

It is indeed game ready (all the shots are from the GE) Sammaron, and it’s actually one weapon with interchangeable parts.

Carbon: Thank you for the comments. I tried to take care of the pull by adding a grenade launcher for a counter weight (like this version of the Steyr Aug). It probably would get dirty, but I designed it as a plastic chassis with some metallic parts (barrel, rack, sights, etc.), so that’s why the material looks unnaturally clean (scratches in plastic are very different than those in metal). I suppose if I’d taken more time I could have really nailed it. You could be right about the ammo box, I hadn’t actually thought of that (stupidly). I’m no expert either which is why I asked some one who was in the military to crit it as I worked.



thanks for information.Maybe make some scratches on the texture.:spin:

Funny How everyone always talks about scratches… Trust me, like I told you when you were making it. When I was in the military, and if my weapon had scratches on it. I would be in more trouble than god could intervene on. There are other ways to add realism other then scratches. more like wear spots from my thumb or fingers. Heat discoloration on the barrel or where my cheek would rest when firing for accuracy. Possibly the areas where the parts change out is a good spot too.


Hey Nickadimos! Those are all really good points, and things I will expound upon with the next weapon I make (there will likely be many). I especially like the comments regarding wear from the fingers and cheek. These are definitely things I wouldn’t have thought of by myself.