Near monster, item...

I am making RPG, and i need help with monster’s, (rabbits,rat… whatever). Do somebody know how to make “player” lose lifes if he is near the monster, but monster hits everytime diffrent hit. And if player kills the monster then somekind of box comes (uh thats easy).
If somebody knows pleace tell me.:confused:

Tere EST ;)!
Check my Shootemup game HERE
when enemy is killed it drops random items

if you want to enemy to hit different (hitpoints i guess) here is example i just made:
as you see when enemy hits player-

  1. it makes a random number between minimum and maximum values (here it will be from 10 to 20) so you can make different monsters that hits different intervals. (see random hit)
  2. Then it substracts this generated “hit” property from your “health” property. (see hitpoints)

and example blend HERE
left, right arrowkeys - move

Ya “tere”.
Awsome thanks man.
But, maby if all “enemy’s” lives are 0 then “end object” ?

I would love to download those files. However the host site is having problems and not giving downloads now.

So could you post here instead:

Thanks, I am anxious…

yea… or better - death animation

and Ititrx - i uploded randomhit file HERE and shootemup game HERE. hope these links will work
i don’t want to register in :no:

Your demos are good, but the lifes and hits are up-left. How can i make lifes and hits on the enemy?

Thanks very much for uploading the files.

here i made another demo, hope that helps you

Wow. This is awsome!!! If i finish my game you will get some credit too.:evilgrin: