near sensor question

I am trying to use a near sensor the sensor seams to work correctly, but the consol is printing
“warning btColisionDispatcher::needsCollision: static-static collision!”

i get the same message if i make it a radar sensor but not if i make it a ray sensor.

can anyone point me at an explanation for this.


ok that is somethings that lot of people already discused before, ( search before creating a thread!) and there’s no solution found yet and we all have to live with it for now until they fix that bug in a near newer version of blender

“warning btColisionDispatcher::needsCollision: static-static collision!”

are you using the new blender 2.45?
I thought they fixed that :frowning:

No Mmph i am using 2.44 ------ for a few more hours.


I’m using the latest version of blender and still gets the warning, so it seems that the bug issn’t fixed yet