Near sensor slow too?

I heard that radar sensors eat up FPS a lot on some computers.Do near sensors slow FPS down a lot too?Im using only the things that dont slow the game down too much so i need to know if i have to avoid the near sensor too.

neither the near sensor nor the radar sensor are problematic enough to suggest avoiding

Well , i guess i will use the near sensors in some ocasions,i dont think it will hurt the FPS too much.Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Using 2 or 3 radar sensors is not a problem. Using more will be.

There are 1 certain factor which decreases the framerate when using many radar sensors: the radar angle. This I know from experience.

Radars with big ‘cones’ increase the Physics rate, and eventually eat up the framerate.

I recommend using radar sensors with cones of +/- 45 degrees, if the radar needs to cover a bigger angle, use 2 or more in combination. This is better than 1 with a 180 degree cone, for example.

Just try it out to see the difference.

edit:Using many near sensors, for example 20 or more, will decrease framerate too. I tried using near sensors to fake culling, but it slowed everything down hugely.