i cant get the “near” sensor to work

any idea how?

Make sure you are using a property, and be sure that property exists in the object(s) that are supposed to trigger the near sensor.

Play with the Dist and Reset numbers and make sure they are apporpriate to your game.

its still not working…could someone walk me through it?

turn up both the values [dist and reset]

don’t worry about material or property

hook it to only an and controller, and that to only a end object actuator

chances are that will work, I’d imagine you’re having another issue or one with properties or material settings…

also, you have to detect actors, you can’t detect non-actors

I have no idea why, but i could never get the near sensor to work either, i got arounf to making a python near sensor, it works, but it’s slower than the built in one. I still wanted the noemal near sensor to work though, so i messed around with alot of thigs. I found a way to get it to finnaly work for me. I had to turn on collision for the faces of the object i was looking for, and i had to make both of the things (the scearcher and the target) in to actors (they did’nt have to be dynamic, just actors). i don’t know if this will work for you, but i hope it will

When I experiment with new sensors or controllers sometimes I hook them up to a property actuator. The actuator is set to add 1 to a property an int or whatever with debug mode on. This lets me know if the sensor or controller is working the way i expect.

that was the problem the whole time!

thanks! :smiley:

With Near it is necessary to be cautious. If on a stage to put it is more 5 objects with sensor NEAR consumption of physics will increase up to 50-80 %. In general I do not use it.

How do the physics increase?