Nearly Finished; what more should I add/focus on?

(Andrew Galusha) #1

I’ve been working with blender for around a solid year now and this is the first render that I am strongly putting out there for critiques. I’m excited to hear what you all think about it and what more I should add to it plus things that I should focus on improving in the scene. Thanks!

(Metin Seven) #2

Hi @Galush,

Some constructive feedback:

  • The atmosphere is nice.
  • The shape of the curtains feels unnatural, as if they are not soft, but stiff, and/or with no gravity.
  • I miss subtle indirect / bounced lighting and shadows. For example, there’s a harsh dark area on the floor at the left, and light leaking on the walls.
  • There’s a part of the blanket near a pillow that shows geometry piercing through the other side.
  • The mirror is a nice touch.

Good luck!

(Andrew Galusha) #3

Awesome! I’ll see what I can do about that

(JA12) #4

  1. As mentioned, there’s light bleeding through and no clear distinction between direct and indirect lights. There’s a harsh light coming from outside, shown under the curtains, and that kind of sunlight would light the whole room enough to see things in it
  2. The sunlight doesn’t match the background. It’s possible that the sun would be coming through the clouds and get blocked elsewhere, but those are so thin clouds that one would expect to see it in the background also
  3. Reflected sides also need paint
  4. Check material thicknesses and real world dimensions. The frame on the wall seems a lot thinner than the frame on the mirror. That and the lamp seem to be made out of 2x4’s in comparison. The bed also seems big and while possible that the lens does that, the opening for the balcony seems really small, height-wise at least. One reason the curtain seems thick is because it doesn’t let light through