Neat experience

I went kayaking with a friend today, we started in Mud lake, went down Jim creek to the Knik River, then down to the Glenn highway, about six hours of paddling, 15 miles or so as the crow flies. Just before we got to the Glenn hwy, 1/4 of a mile or so, we went under a railroad bridge, as we crossed under the bridge we drifted through a pod of Beluga whales (they come up the river with the tide chasing salmon), there were 8-10 whales surfacing around us, we could feel them swimming under us, it makes you feel real small.

No pictures! Damn, that must have been cool.

Very cool (35 deg f water). Paddling around bridge piers in a fast current isn’t a place you can take the time to take pictures. :frowning:

My little brother kayaked over a 2 meter drop today and landed on his head. He’s okay, just has his forehead all stictched up and his neck and back are pretty hurt. But it would be cool to go on plain still water with no big rocks and falls.

Ouch! :o
You have a strange sense of being ok, :wink: but then, my brother always figured if I was still breathing, I must be ok. What is it with older brothers anyway?

Well, perhaps it’s their way of trying to give you courage…

I don’t have a big brother, but I have a sister who is older than me… She is just the opposite!!! She will go crazy even if you you have some slight cut… What is it with big sisters??? :wink:

Anyway VelikM, I guess it was an awsome experience!!! I wish I had the chance to do it also…


Whales and Great apes are the best chance to experience that the line between mankind and animals is not too big (sorry to the hooray-christian hardliners) . Someday I’d like to see some whales myself.

But I haven´t had any vacation for ten years now. And it will have to wait a little further. I hope some whales wil be left alive til that day.



If I judge from my experience on that issue, next time I will be on vacations, mankind will have enough technology to clone Whales…

I think finally, one day I’ll be lucky enough to see them (I hope… :-? )…


When I was younger (mid 20s) I worked in the arctic (Kotzebue), while there I was invited to visit (3 weeks) Point Hope, while there I spent some time (2 weeks) out on the ice in a whaling camp. I have a few pictures from my time there at:
If I can find the rest of my photos (several hundred) I’ll post some more of them, space permitting.
Belugas actually are fairly common here, the upper Cool inlet has several hundred animals in resident year round.

Well… I’d change “whales” to “large sea mammals”… then you include dolphins and the like. Or better yet, Cetaceans, for scientific accuracy.

What’s really cool is back home we occassionally get porpoises that come up the river… always causes me to run out on the pier and watch.


iwent out with some gianty grey whales in BC on a tiny boat
these were 40 foot bohemoths and we had a ten foot baot. but i wa snot scared for a second. there was a subliminal peace between us. they meade me feel at ease

i think they are smarter than us

I doubt that… if they were, they’d be trying to get rid of us.



I doubt that… if they were, they’d be trying to get rid of us.


Are you sure they’re not working on it? If I was them I would be. 8)

I do not think so

They are more peaceful than we are.

cool pictures. The main whalers camp one would make a good Blender scene. Your experience with the whales sounds great too. Experineces with animals is always fun to remember unless something is chasing you.
Like a bear or a wild cat or a python. Even then if you survive then you have a experince you can talk about.
Keep the pictures coming I really enjoy them.

Hehe… I remember this time as a kid… found some unleashed attack dogs that thought their “domain” included the street in front of the property… dern good thing I was on a bicycle. I think I kicked one of them while I was pedaling, and they were trying to bite me.

Of course… I’ve got a scar on my arm from a similar situation… when I didn’t have a bicycle. lol