Neat one-step HDR creation site...

I thought this was worth posting:

Post your jpgs at different exposures and it will produce several different HDR files for you. Very nice and easy. Slight problem with the white balance though but that can probably be adjusted. Very nice site for quick HDR creation without hassle.

Of course, this thread is just an excuse to ask you people what free HDR software you use (viewing, creation etc). I’m hoping for a free crossplatform and open solution as always - HDRShop doesn’t qualify as version 1 is old and not open source. There seems to be very little available though I need to test HDRIE (old as that now is). Ideally there is something that runs on windows and linux - doesn’t make sense to virtualise linux for such a thing and Cygwin is just a pain.

So how do you people calibrate your camera anyhow? I was hoping to use RAW images to create a HDR image but nowhere can I find something open source to do it.


P.S> Cinepaint used to be able to do this but now it has gone right back to alpha so…

have you heard about qtpfsgui? its for linux, mac, and win.
a hdr image creator, just like hdrshop, and the big advantage is that it is open source, so you can assemble your pictures and use that hdr you have made for commercial works.
still in its early stage, but i hope its gona mature.

Ah thanks for that!

I saw it mentioned and my train of thought went as follows as I read the name qtpfsgui:

qt…Great! Cross platform gui!..pfs…Damn. Isn’t that the one that doesn’t work on windows?.. gui …Hell, I would have liked that.

Downloading now.


im using it on win xp, no problems here so far.


qtpsfgui works great. Now I need to learn how to make lightprobes. Talking of which I only know of HDRShop that can map .hdr images in correct lightprobe formats (eg cross). Any other program (again open source ideally) to do this would be nice.

Hmm…and then I need to see if I can avoid buying a shiny ball. It seems that panorma stiching may be a solution but I don’t know if 360 panormas map correctly to lightprobe formats.


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what about using blender? :wink:

   	 	 	 		 		 		what about using blender?

How would I do that? I know Blender supports .exr now and can create synthesised HDR images but how would I create a properly formated lightprobe from photos using Blender? Using the compositor?

As for creating hdr images from Blender, surely it can’t do that (though I would be delighted if it did!).