Neat Ram Disk Stuff

So once I heard a guy say he played BF2 off a ram disk (at the time I diddn’t know what that was:no:) so I investigated:eyebrowlift: So I found this software I am trying it out now. I set it up so the Firefox cache gets put on a ram disk (slobers) it is so speedy. But my question is how would I go about making my game load quicker cause I can’t possibly install the whole game on it…I only have 2 gigs of ram.

You have to have 8+ GiB Ram to do such kinky stuff.
You need the game entirely installed on the ramdisk, need enough memory left for the game and either turn off the pagefile.sys, or install an IDE/SATA to CF adapter and buy a highspeed CF Card and put the pagefile there, else it would slow down the whole stuff.

Then you paid a fewhundret bucks to install a game that is gone once you restart your computer but hey, its fast as hell and you can tell your friends about it :smiley: scnr

rofl arexma, I just use mine for readyboosting my system paging files… that way my actual RAM is available for games on my slow ass hard disk…

EDIT: Oh… as a tip for the OP if you want games to run faster… just buy a small hard drive that spins more than 7200 rpm… put your game files there and your other stuff on a fatty drive. I’ve only got one unfortunately… but this is the ideal way to do it.

:smiley: Well I can still brag about quick Firefox!