Neater Logic Blocks

I’ve been trying to make a simple platformer and after using the logic editor in blender to create walk, run, jump, and turn, my logic blocks are getting very hard to troubleshoot and edit… I was wonder if there is a way to group them by function or in general make them neater…

I tried making multiple parents (each with their own commands) in the logic editor but objects can only have one parent assigned at a time… Is there perchance another way to set multiple parents?

I don’t know about multiple parents, or if it can be done. But to solve this there are two options:

  1. Python,
    if it’s just movement this is relatively easy, but if not it might be quite hard
  2. Give the logic bricks proper names and organize them
    The logic blocks are already color coded slightly, with greens and blues and pale yellows, So I
    sort the bricks by function (scene, movement) and therefore color. The names assigned to the
    Logic bricks are pitiful: ‘sensor’ ‘cont’ and ‘act’ with numbers after them. If you change the names
    to something like ‘A Key’ ‘If A Pressed then’ and ‘Move Forwards’
    This allows for better debugging and also makes it easier for someone else to see whats

Hope that helped