nebiew questions

hi. i am doing a tutorial from a blender mag on a car game, ok?
i got 2 of the controls down, but when i go to play it, the car shoots of my plane at top speed and falls down into to ware.

how do i fix this? thanks

select your objects and press control A to apply size and rotation.

also make sure you do not have 2 dynamic objects intersecting.

what do you mean by 2 dynamic objects?

Any objects marked as dynamic in the logic window. Make sure dynamic objects aren’t intersecting anything at the beginning. (Selecting different bounds can help)

thanks, i got it to work! but, i do the uparrow key to make it go foward, and i click it, and it goes into the air. what do i do to make it go foward? do i change the F-loc thingy? its at .25 right now. and what do i do to make it go left, backwards, and right?


i need to know!

Ok. The motion actuator is set up like a grid right? So…if you have Force, Torque, dLoc, dRot, etc. on one side, the other side has three slots for putting in strengths for the different forces, torques whatever right? So…the first slot is X movement, the second is Y movement, and the third is Z movement. Savvy??? Oh yah and L is for local.

ill try it, thanks!