Nebula, eevee and cycles

Guess I’m late to the nebula party; it seems they were all the rage last year. In any case, here’s my first nebula.

Rendered in Eevee. I’d like to make it larger, but the GPU memory usage gets too high (and it crashes) with large resolutions. Anyone know a workaround?


Finally got around to rendering this in cycles. Played with the lighting a bit, and decided on a much brighter exposure. With cycles I wasn’t constrained by GPU memory, so this one is bigger too :).


It looks great!
I like the colours and composition and the sense of depth. Would love to see your blend file or node setup.

I did this on my old computer, and these files didn’t get transferred to the new one. I’ll have to dig around to see if I can find them.

I found one from Oct 2020 which may or may not be the final file from which the cycles render above was generated. But it should be close enough to get the general idea.
I made no effort to clean up the mess, so you’ll see plenty of abandoned nodes and sloppy noodling. Be sure to switch to the compositor tab to see what’s happening there too.
cycles wave shells 7.blend (1.4 MB)

This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to create large-scale nebulas. What makes this even better is it being your first nebula. The cycle’s render looks like a clip from a big-budget movie. I’m glad you went with a brighter exposure. Have you tried using Eevee to make a flythrough?