Nebula - Need crits [UPDATE 12/17/05]

Hello all. Well when I get stuck on a project I mess around with FX, such as backgrounds or energy blasts. (I do pretty much Sci-Fi only). I’ve been working on COG’s nebula tut ideas off and on and thought this one turned out pretty good but wanted a second opinion. Everything was done with halos (stars too).

I don’t claim it to be photo-realistic but I’d like to make it more believable if possible.

Nebula Edge:

Straight on view:

Lower Edge:

Inside the “cloud”:

Hmm - it looks OK - but the sun in the centre of the cloud needs to emit more light and have an effect on the cloud

Yeah, that star was kinda unexpected. You see it was mainly intended for a background effect and the star halos where overlapping it.

I forgot to turn em off before I rendered which took about 15 mins so I didn’t really wanna redo it. But that’s a good point, when I get to adding proto stars I’ll try to keep that in mind. Right now it’s set to shadeless or my PC would die I think. At some point I would like to have a cloud like this one where you fly into/through it.

Do the halos have shading on?

No it’s set to shadeless. I don’t have any lighting in that scene at the moment. has a tutorial for a nebula that’s looking very good

Ok well I’m really getting side tracked with this but a 3D nebula has been something I’ve wanted to do for years now so… And yes I downloaded COG’s tut as I said in the first post. I’m trying mainly to get more colorful nebulae. Also though I’d like to get a better textured one.

Here are a few updates, this takes two directions now as I’ve been testing out this great script for making nebula clouds(shapes not textures), check it out:

Here are the pics that I’ve rendered using the above script:

I’m still trying to get a feel for halos+textures+blender’s noise which seems odd somehow…

Anyway here are some pics of the hand made cloud I did in the first post but with a few tweaks:

Anyway I think the one I did with the script looks way better. What do you guys think?

if you need good background scenes use Universe

it’s a good program the link is on

Well if I wanted a background I could just paint one or use a cloud texture on a sphere. What I want is a 3D gas cloud. I think the nebula script could be the ticket for this. With tweaking it could even be possible to do those ever elusive 3D clouds for landscape renders, ones that look like the real thing.

making clouds is not hard
i use halo for that and just a orco texture for clouding(clouds producal mostly)
why using an script if it’s possible to do it with hand
why is cog’s tutorial not good enough!
you need to read cog’s tut better because it worked fully at my test scene(i can’t show it because i don’t have it anymore ithink)
:frowning: tell me please

Three main issues with COG’s nebula (at least for me):

  1. It’s not very detailed, while it makes a nice and cool cloud, it’s just all so vague.

  2. Since halos only use the first texture channel the control over the color and where the colors are is too limiting for me.

  3. A particle nebula takes a long time to render and splitting it up (for more color/shape) takes even longer. This script places halos (which could also emit particles) in the shape of a nebula. Which gives better looking results in less time.

If you check the thread there is also someone using it for 3D clouds.

Anyway COG’s method is great and it works but just because something works doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, easier or faster way.

I’d also point out that real nebula come in many shapes and are not just puffy coulds. This could also be used to do all kinds of things, even make a galaxy of star halos for example.

Those second renders are a lot better - though I think the clouds could do being a little more vivid - but other than that, very good.

can you give me the adres of the plug?