A small side project from my volumetric lighting tests. Just making something simple for my desktop. Its a little plain right now, but I plan on adding some closer stars and maybe some in the nebula. Still a few issues to work out.
1 volume, 1 point light, 1 material, 1 texture, blender “stars”

One could get carried away with virtually limitless settings, but I have neither the time nor the attention span:spin:. I could improve on a few things but for now its good enough for my desktop. Stars between camera and nebula added with gimp.


Hey - really nice work! I was teasing around with Nebulas recently, but couldn’t decide whether to do it with a particle system, or straight procedural textures. BTW, what’s your material/texture workflow? Does it lend itself to animation as well (as in, if you fly the camera inside, does the resolution still hold up)?

Thanks. I hadn’t considered an animation and just created it for a nice still. To check I rendered it with the camera inside the volume near the center where the point light is. Its kind of blobby and its a little hard to see the forest through the trees but it might be workable with a few tweaks. I plan on writing tutorials when I get the chance.

I hope you are getting a break from the rain like we are:), I’m just south of the you across the border.

Very cool, I’d be happy to see the tutorial when you get done with it.

I hope you are getting a break from the rain like we are, I’m just south of the you across the border.

You’re in Washington? Yeah, it’s nice to get a break from the rain, but it’s still hovering around 7 or 8 Celsius (44 Fahrenheit) so I won’t believe it’s truly spring until I can sit outside and not freeze.

Well, can’t wait for a tutorial.

Can you post your blend file?

Wow those are simply amazing, I too would love to see you make a tutorial or blend file !

Sorry it took me so long to post. I started to add more textures for more color and things like dense areas that block light and all sorts of different effects. It killed the render times(I have and old single core computer)so I started to get bored and loose interest, so I took a break from blender. I didn’t know that we could post .blend files here, my noobness is showing:o. Any advise in improving this method is always welcome, so when I do make a tutorial its as complete and polished and logical as possible. Feel free to post your results.

nebula.blend (438 KB) One of my first attempts, its pretty simple. I seem to only be able to get this affect with scattering and not density. It was made with 2.56, I should probably upgrade.

Hey no worries. Thanks for posting!

well you got to add many more colors or else.