Nebulon-B Frigate

Hello, I’m looking for some Star Wars Nebulon-B Frigate reference images. I’m going to try to make as accurate a model as I can. I feel I finally have a fairly good grasp of blender, and I’m looking for a challenge that will keep me interested, as that has been my biggest road-block thusfar. I belive the Neb. B will do that for me

I thought google would be chalk full of good stuff, but to my surprise, and dismay, I found very little.
so far, I have found this terribly inaccurate schematic from the essential guide to sw vehicles and vessels:

and these low-res, poorly-lighted shots of the studio models:

(see bottom of page)

Right now, I do not have any of the DVDs, so if anyone has some good screen caps, I would be very happy to have those. As the studio model shots do not have dorsal, ventral, and starboard (the side with the hangar bay), those sides are most important, since the studio shots don’t cover them, however given their quality, any shots would be great.

pretty much all I’m able to do in high detail with the references I foud is the “armor plate” running up the side of the frigate. here is an early outline, with crummy lighting. please feel free to make any critiques you wish, the more you nitpick, the better I can get :slight_smile: very early, hopefully much more to follow.

But most importantly, I am in need of accurate references. I’d be greatful for any help you could provide.

broken link.please fix that because im a huge star wars fan

wow, thanks for telling me. I checked it earlier yesterday and it was working fine, but I checked again today, and sure enough, not working. Lets try this with imageshack:

as I said, not much to loock at, mostly due to a lack of good references, and very early status. I COULD just fudge in my own details, but I’d rather not… The few weapons I have in place are very incomplete, really just placeholders right now. It is rather diffficult to eyeball the proper alignment for everything with perspective view pics.

as added incentive for some refs, provided it ever gets done :slight_smile: I will release it to the community through blenderman.

Best way to get references on that ship is just to do screengrabs from the DVDs. There are some decent shots at the end of Empire, and it appears for at least a few seconds in the Death Star sequence in Jedi.

oooh, I just saw your carrier thread, very nice detailing. I got the day off today due to a snowstorm, which is good, because I’m pretty sick anyway. I don’t have the dvds, but I have a friend who should be able to help. Too bad he didn’t get the day of too. Anyway, I will be getting out my whip when he gets back and force him to take some screenies. The hi-res dvd shots should help immensly. I’m hoping to get an update later today with some high detail stuff. (crosses fingers)

I did a quick google (Delta ;)) …& found a couple more pics you can use for reference.


thanks, although those weren’t the original model It is nice to see other takes on the design. I was also just searching other engines, tried msn and dogpile, found a couple of good ones. I may start working on it again before I get some screen caps. Ok, ok, I’ll stop spamming my own thread, my next post will have something substantial. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it was my first real try at greebling.

ok, not as much of an update as I wanted there to be, but I have caught the flu, and have been in bed for most of yesterday. some small details added, nothing major, no new large pieces yet either. Also, I will have to fix the segmentation on the front pieces of the array, but that is a job for tomorrow. in the mean time, take a look at the pic:) As far as I know, all detailing is more or less accurate to the film. Depending on polycount, much much later, I may add details that do not exist in the film model, but that is far down the road, and only if my comp. can handle it

the image is a bit big, I’ll try compressing it more when I get a chance, but for now, 56kers be warned

and to put it into perspective:

Once again, not too much of an update. There is good news, I have many movie ref. shots now to work off of, the bad part about it is that this bottom part of the frigate is not shown very much, and when it is, it is usually from afar. Exams have been hindering my progress (pesky things), but now I am off on spring break, so some substantial progress may occur. The first shot:

a few details added, a few basic outlines of other parts. Besides exams, my quest for accuracy is also causing this to take much longer. But I simply refuse to give in and use the inaccurate SW guide to vehicles and vessels schematics;) Unfortunately, a lot of time is wasted in head scratching, and vert. tweaking. But, I will continue adding details as I go. It seems like everytime I look at a pic of the thing, I spot something new. It is just amazing how the lucasfilm people could actually put something like this together. Anyway, enough of that.

Second shot:

I put in one of my main bg pics. (copyright lucasfilm LTD, 1980) It is a nice shot of the studio model, about as ortho. as can be had, but as you can see, it isn’t very high quality. Thought it might be interesting though… sigh I see mesh errors, those will be ironed out for the next update. Also, some things I havn’t mirrored yet. it seems that the model is only shown from the left side in the films, so maybe the right side doesn’t exist… I’ll come up with some things to put on that side, of course, besides just mirroring the side that is always shown. More updates to come.

ok, major update here, still a long, long way to go. Here is a close-up, with details that are about as accurate as I can get. also, a new lighting rig, and most of what I already had done is completely re-done:

And finally, how it fits in the “grand scheme of things.” I was hoping to have a bit more than a corny “insert frigate here” pic by now, but getting the detail right takes lots of time and squinting. For now I’m reasonably satisfied with what I’ve got, and this should give you an idea of how chock-full of detail this baby will be if and when it is completed.

and no, it didn’t take me two months to do this, it is just a little thing called real life that got in the way…

more updates to follow, especially now that summer break has started.

Well I had some extra time so I grabed some captures for you.

Would you like more reference pictures. When I get home from College, if you want I can scan in the page on the Nebulon-B from the Star Wars Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels.

Hey thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
Although I do not have the dvds, I got a friend of mine to take a bunch of screen caps for me. Still, any aditional screen caps would be great to add to my small collection. The nebulon-B is only featured in a few seconds of footage total, so the number of different angles of shots on it are limited. One thing I am in dire need of are any shots that show the top of the frigate, those seem to be sparse. That second one you took, maniac4hire, is pure gold for me.
I would be careful about posting those to image shack though, as they contain copyrighted material, which is in violation of their terms of service. Don’t wory, I won’t report you, but it could cause trouble if someone notices. The best thing to do would be to send them to my e-mail address, just look it up in my profile. I thank you for your efforts, as finding good references are probably the most difficult thing to do with the neb.-b.

AgeLesS, if the page out of the essential guide looks like the pic in the top right of this page:
(only in english, I presume)
then I already have a copy of it, and in higher rez than the one on that page. If it isn’t the same, then feel free to send a scan to my e-mail address. If it is, then thanks for your offer anyway.

maybe there will be an update later tonight, maybe not… I’ve spent the day doing yardwork… ick… Next update should be fairly soon though.
Until next time.

I beleive it has a top view as well. If it does, I will post that, it also has a 3/4 sketch, but that really isn’t that useful.

ok, here it is as it stands now.

This next section that I’m working on now has to be the hardest I’ve attempted so far. I’ll probably be doing lots of tweaking later, but here it is in its current state. I also have to do the back half of it, of course…

I also did a bunch of tweaking, but only the most attentive will probably notice it. Here is a wider shot:

More will be on its way tomorrow, I think, or later today, this project is becoming addicting :slight_smile:

This is one of the projects I surely want to see finished. SW fan by the way :slight_smile:

Project has not been forsaken…
very small update here, you’ll see lots of unfinished bits floating around, but it is something. Got frustrated and left it for a few days after the normally stable blender decided to crash, and the save file in the tmp directory didn’t have any of my changes for some reason… anyway, here it is:

heres a nebulon ranger i duno if its the same thing