Neck and shoulders

I am attempting to get a realistic neck and shoulder area. After pulling verts around for a while to attempt to get a realistic musculature I thought I’d see if there is anyone out there who could tell me if I’m doing this the best way or if there is some other method that would be easier. Here is what I have so far:

Obviously the shoulder is kind of mangled right now.

nice work, that coller bone looks a little wierd though, i think its to defined

First off, I’d say your mesh is a bit too dense for the stage you’re at. You can get smoother results with fewer edges. Looks like you’re box modeling, and cutting in new loops to put in detail. Not a bad way to go, but I’d recommend getting as much shape out of as little geometry as you can before you resort to adding edges to your mesh.

I don’t know of any way other than pushing verts around to get musculature shapes (other than MakeHuman) but I think you need some references to inform some of the moves. (Wait a minute, yes I do. mr_bomb runs ribbons of mesh along the major lines of musculature, then fills in the interior spaces later. He’s got some video tutorials on making faces and making ears that show how he works.)

The sternomastoid looks pretty good, but the trapezius needs a lot of work.

The traps attach to the top of the shoulder blade and to the spine along the center of the neck, the traps on your mesh look like they attach to the point of the shoulder and the base of the skull. They do, but they also attach along the lines I mentioned. They need a lot more fullness in the back to look realistic.

The shoulders aren’t wide enough. It looks like you’ve taken the figure out to the end of the shoulder blade and the clavicle, but the spine of the shoulder blade that reaches around toward the front, that the clavicle rests on, and the ball of the humerus are all unaccounted for. There’s no delts, and no attachment point on the humerus for the pects in front or the lats in back. I don’t really know if that’s part of the shoulder or part of the arm, but it’s all tied in and part of what makes modeling this area so challenging.

Good start.

Here is the latest update. I realize there is probably too much mesh, but now that the mesh is there, is there a way to reduce it without destroying what i already have? Maybe I’ll try one next time with a more minimalist approach. I have been using box modelling and adding edges and extruding as I go.

Where might these tutorials be? I am interested in trying to learn new and better techniques for modelling. I searched through the tutorials area and didn’t see anything.

Never mind, I did find it after all