Neck\head rig

Hello. I followed nathan’s tutorial about neck head rig. All works good but i stuck at some point. With such rig i can have switchable parameters for head\neck to follow spine rotation or to isolate neck\head rotation. Nice feature to make it easier to animate - rig make counteranimations of head\neck bones when spine is rotating. It works nice when character positioned straight forward but what if I need to rotate character during animation 180 degrees keeping isolate rotation feature for head or\and neck during rotating hips? If I switch off isolate rotation for these bones they wont have counteranimations while spine and hips moving, but if i will turn on isolate rotation of head\neck then character head will be facing at default direction while rest of the body is rotating 180 degrees. So my question - how to properly create such motions when need character rotation 180 degrees or even 360 degrees at any axis keeping isolate rotation feature? Maybe do i need to rotate root bone instead hip bone? It will solve this problem but then all my IK bones will turn with root bone and i will neeed lot of counter motions for each IK bone to make animation more natural. maybe there are some tutorials?