I remaster an old project and animate the necromancer of the drawing of David Revoy

Here the animation

The old 3d was made at feb 2012 with blender 2.62
Here a comparison


I really like it! music was a nice touch. The legs are to open though, looks like it would hurt to ride it like that. Oh and the teeth with blades is a nice touch. 8/10 for me.

Excellent job there.

  1. boar’s too hairy
  2. +1 for her pose
  3. if you rigged the boar and have it in a running pose it would add a lot of dynamism.

Looking forward for more from you.

Nice work man! congrats! =)

That’s quite nice model. The only thing I found that is wrong is the area where her neck connects to her chest. In the side view you can see it clearly.

And you can see another reference here,1228840484,3/stock-photo-women-portrait-from-side-view-21786499.jpg

she is kind of too cute and friendly for a necromancer, she looks more like a tribal barbarian character. In most rpgs necromancers are usually creepy and evil looking

great work man, I think the other crits are spot on so I won’t repeat them.

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Update a feb 2012 project. Enjoy,…

How did you make the fur look so good in EEVEE? : O

I’ve never been able to do that!

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Awsome, beautiful and welldone… :slight_smile:

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I think the fur work because the boar fur are thick.
And i can’t zoom in because you will see the default of the hair particle system of eevee rendering.
Also I comb them and it take me a lot of time.

Thank you Nulus

Awesom job! love the blades on the tusks :slight_smile:

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Very Cool!

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Thank you @Karlb and @Flatline1024

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you very much @bartv

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Very nice model. Beautiful rework

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Outstanding Necromancer animation! I love the way the grass pops in and out as she rides. Thanks.

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Merci @jemian

Thanks @Neoteric3d i have passed 5 hours to made this tricks (seamless effect).

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