Necron Tomb Spider WIP

(ulrik) #1

My very very first work in Blender.

I spend the last evening modelling my first Blender project after finishing some tutorials I downloaded, and I have to admit I really like the application (normally I use Maya but I am looking for different solutions).

It’s a robot-like machine from one of my hobbies, the Warhammer40k Tabletop. The original model can be seen here:

One of my first test renders (after a long night of figuring out how stuff works in blender) is here:

You need Apple’s Quicktime player to view it. The right claw intersects the floor when moving, I already fixed it, and I haven’t applied ANY antialiasing till now. Also, texturing is far away from beeing finished and some details from the original model are still missing.

The whole animation will depict a Tomb Spider activating itself. Lifting it’s heavy body onto it’s feet and then engaging it’s antigrav engine to begin flying.

Any and all comments are welcome, but please don’t be to harsh, that’s my first scene :wink:


(Goofster) #2

two thumbs up here!
great animating man! I love the way the paws really spring out. Your 3D experience is showing. modelling is excellent. I’m glad someone is finally taking the step from maya to blender instead of the other way around :smiley:

great stuff overall!


(ulrik) #3

thanx :slight_smile:

actually, I have to admit that I am getting things faster done in Maya, but well, I am using Maya since version 1.0 and I just recently began using Blender and I am MORE than impressed, so I guess some more nights of Blender modelling and I will definitely get faster and more used to the app

I will keep everybody here updated on the project if you want, sadly, it is only a hobby project I do at home, I am not allowed to present any work I do in the company on the net without further consulting my boss…

anyway, I still am looking forward to comments about my work :slight_smile:

(bob_dog) #4

Sweet, very sweet. I also love the legs bouncing into position, but I would also have their movement shake the body a litte bit, like they have some mass.

(Krabat) #5

very beautiful animation, the movement of the legs springing out looks cool and the design and idea are very good to. bow