Since I don’t have any imagination of my own, I’ve decide to re-create Ralph Bakshi’s Necron99. Well, actually Peace, it’ll be the image off of the Wizards cover.
Here’s the gun - do you think I should toon shade or go for a more “realistic” 3D?

Here’s a quick stab at the more realistic version.

That’s quite nicely done, although it would be better if you put it into something. Work to make the textures a bit more realistic and you probably should use several layers.

I’m not sure I want it too realistic, it is a cartoon after all.

No thoughts?

I like the toon-shaded one the best, but right now it has some ugly artifacts and jaggies in various places. Maybe a different background?

I’m biased but I do go for the toon shading! Great work so far!

I like the toon one, its very futurama. :smiley:

Agreed. I loved that show

Cool, thanks guys, I’ll focus my energy on the toon version then.

Now for Necron99/Peace himself. I debated about drawing some reference images to work from, but decided to see what would happen if I just started building something. So here it is.
The hands look a little funky to me, and the neck area is a little strange too. But what do ya’ll think?

Oh yeah, and I can’t quite figure out the best way to extrude the legs.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Looking at some pictures of Peace (via google search on “ralph bakshi wizards” because searching “necron99” gets a lot of crap) I think his head needs to be bulkier in relation to his body. And he had breast pockets, too. That said, it’s really cool to see somebody doing this, loved “Wizards” when it came out. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, the difficulty here is that the cover art for the video is different than the artwork in the video. Can’t decide which to follow, so it’s become a bit of both. I think I’m going to go for more of the animated look (more reference).

Allrighty, here’s a quick update. I’m still playing around with the materials and shaders. I threw in a wire frame shot too. Please, does anyone have any ideas how I can make this more fluid and less like a plastic model.
Anyway C&C are desired.

Oh yeah, and I hate the pockets.

I think I like this look the best.

Seriously? Nobody wants to help me with this?

Weelll, I never watched the show, I had to google to get what it was all about so don’t blame me if my advice is a bit off.
Right now the guys spec shader is a bit high, we are talking about more of a fabric suit here. Apart from that it actually looks quite good. Good job, keep going, the lack of crit is because there doesn’t seem to be much to crit. Be more specific when you ask, that way you’ll get better advice.