ned help alpha rendering

iw as wondering if you can render so the colour of the world is set as alpha then you could render in tiff’s and have an alpah channel the purpose is so i can render it then plant something inbetween two objects by post processing. or would it be easier jsut to ave the thing i will put in as a animated texture.

Example so render a board then render water over the top but render it seperatly and the waters alpha will show up in the tiff so i can put something between the two and it will show up through the water?



To render an alpha image, you have to set it to premul and RBGA in the render buttons window.

Any one can correct me if I am wrong.

How do i set the world colour to alpha though?


As microman pointed out, setting the Premul or Key buttons in the render window automatically removes the World (‘Sky’) color and replaces it with alpha. Make sure you save to a format that supports alpha channels, like Targa.

ahh thank you a lot this has helped me loads :stuck_out_tongue: thanks guys you come up with th answers once again :smiley: