Nee help please. Start delay in BGE

Dear community,
i have a really strange problem with the BGE.
When i prepare a scene for the BGE and i start the engine with the button P then i must wait up to 5 seconds before the engine starts.
At this time my viewport as grey screen and nothing happend.
The problem i can not test my scene because always wait up to 5 seconds is very boring. Also very strange i did a new clean installation only for Blender to test but same issue. I used many different versions of Blender.

I hope you can help me.

My System

MacPro 4.1 octacore with 12 GB Ram and ATI 5870(bevore i had ATI 4870 but same issue) Snow Leopard Version 10.6.7

Greets Andy from Germany

The latest builds do the same thing on me - but the blenderplayer still starts fast - go figure…

It’s not all .blends but many, I have been uncertain if it something with my blends or a new bug… I start to lean towards a bug.