Need 2 3d char 50usd each (unity) And later on clothes modeling into fuse

Im in need of 2 main characters for my game. Im using Adobe Fuse for the majority of my characters. Its a diablo style game

The main villain of my game I want to look similar to Rob zombie but more undead features, more decomposed. Long black/grey hair and beard and tall and drowned tattered old robe, he is a lich ingame.,0.jpg abit like this without the hat

the 2nd character I need is a buff warrior woman, looking similar to Ronda Rosey with a bastard sword and a bow on her back, metal armor with a hooded cloak with the hood on her back. Id prefer yellow and black colors if it fits, its abit hard though. The female muscular body in fuse is excellent, but the head is abit unatractive.

It doesnt need to look perfect, just somewhat close to the fuse characters.

Ill need clothes made and imported into fuse in the future. 20 Usd per item later on

Sent you a pm.